Lokarasa Residency for Culinary Arts and Research

Initiated by soydivision kollektiv and supported by Neueheute e.v and Uferstudios berlin, Lokarasa Residency for Culinary Arts and Research dedicated to culinary artist, food anthropologist, food researcher, emerging chefs who interested in exploring the intersection between food/cooking/culinary/ performing arts and artistic research.

We are particularly interested in concepts where the kitchen is conceived as common ground for a better understanding, where foodstuffs count as political, historical, and cultural beings. We would like to provide a space to projects examining the social dimension of food and which would consider working with Berlin’s art scene, our international community of artists.

From a seasonal trend in exhibition-making to yet another sub-medium in contemporary art, food is becoming an increasingly important element of today’s art practice. Over the course of the preceding decade, one can follow the appropriation of foodstuffs by a broad spectrum of artists developing community-based and socially engaged projects. It can be seen as another path to recognising identity politics or dealing with post-colonial topics. We would like to use a food-oriented art practice as a platform for connection and mutual understanding.

First Edition AW 2021

October - December 2021

Resident : Taurus S (Vilnius/Berlin) http://tauras-s.com/

Tauras Stalnionis (a.k.a Cafe Müller)  is a designer interested in co-creative practices constructing performative events as take-away food experiences. Café Müller refers to 1978 Pina Bausch's performance by the same name featuring the theatre stage as a coffee shop. Similarly, this project aims at designing a stage in a real café treating eating experience as a performance. The residency at Uferstudios will act as a platform for testing different aspects of Café Müller by designing small samples and serving them for lunch to the audience.