TAHANGUENTAR is a multi-channel sound performance and dramaturgical narrative stemming from the research we’ve been conducting since 2020 as „Jendela Sonorama“, a communal listening and lecture-performance series in which we host and present listening as a form of collective sharing and learning. In it, we both go through records and songs as snippets of personal histories that speak of larger political issues connecting our home countries (Brazil and Indonesia), trying to de-essentialize certain concepts and assumptions and play around with the idea of "national identity" and what it means to be in diaspora together. We are specifically interested in how two so-called “national rhythms,” Samba and Jaipong, have become an expression of a fabricated and fractured notion of "national identity" in Brazil and Indonesia respectively. Our endeavor lies in creating a sonic choreography of the archive by mixing different traditions – from the building blocks of Jaipong and Samba to gestures of New Music and Postmillennial Collage –, while at the same time fracturing and reassembling them anew. TAHANGUENTAR (a composite of Bahasa Indonesia and Portuguese words for “Endurance”) develops this idea into a choreographed sonic performance, which blends bits and pieces of theatrical dramaturgy with musical improvisation, electroacoustic composition, and archival work.

By and with Ariel William Orah & Pedro Oliveira
Featuring : Adela Maharani, Giuliana Corsi, Asarela Dewi, Bintang Manira Manik, and Marcioz

Open Studio 

(Jendela Sonoroma #13)
20.07.2024 at Movingpoets Novilla 
Hasselwerderstr 22
12439 Berlin
Door open 19:00
Free entry - donation welcome


02 & 03 November 2024
at Sinema Transtopia
Tickets and reservation TBC (stay tuned)