17-30 April 2023
Bandung - Indonesia

Lintas // is a residency program initiated by two contemporary artists, Ariel Orah and Vincent Rumahloine. This residency program focuses on the art creation process as a social and environmentally sustainable practice, which includes creating art that explores and challenges dominant narratives around identity, migration, and social justice, and uses art as a vehicle for community building and activism.

Even though both were born and raised in Bandung, Ariel and Vincent only met in 2021 when they were involved in several art projects in Germany. The idea of this residency program began when they exchanged ideas about their artistic practice which, although in a different format and media, refers to the concept of art as a social practice which in its process always involves and is intended for social and environmental scope. The second thing that becomes an important point is the similarity of their “migrant” stories from their family backgrounds which makes them equally interested in the themes of migration and identity politics. Even though they were born and raised on the island of Java, the backgrounds of their two families come from Eastern Indonesia. Vincent is of Ambon descent, while part of Ariel's family comes from North Sulawesi, and then he migrated to Germany in 2012, where he lives, works and just starting a family. From these thoughts and reflections, the concept of this program then invites the artists who will be involved in it to contemplate together. , explore, respond to and then co-create some ideas, possibilities,speculations and visions in which identity, migration, and art intersect and influence one another.

17-23 April : Research trip in Lembang
24-28 April : Residency in Grey Gallery Bandung
25 April    : Participatory performative research event, communal dinner hosted by resident artists
26 April    : Workshop with local participants
29 April    : Public event (presentation, performance, exhibition from residents)
30 April.   : Artist talk at Goethe Institute Bandung


grau& and Irvandy Syaffrudin

grau& (Maximillian Kupi, Pia Achternkamp, and Ariel Orah) is an sonic constellation formed in 2017 that focuses on socially engaged sound art in cinematographic formats and carries out projects in the fields of sound research, film music, sound installation and performance on current social issues and discourses. grau& latest project was an artistic research project which leads into sound installation,album, and performance concept “Memoirama”, focus on sonic cultivation and deprivatization of memories that shape the present, supported by Musikfonds e.V (2022), more info : https://grauund.de/memoirama. In “Memoirama”, we focus on memory culture that often remains trapped in the visual-haptic: MEMOIRAMA aims to create an auditory approach to memory, de-privatizing and collectivizing it. On this residency, grau& will continue their project SADISSONANZ, incorporating local perspectives of the residency venue.

SADISSONANZ is a new planned work by grau&, exploring the question on “How do individual origins and the privileges that come with them influence the collaborative artistic  process, and How to turn that theme into an object of discourse within a sound piece??”.

“The idea of this piece started by reflecting our artistic constellation which consists of two German artists and one German based Indonesian diaspora artist. In the post migrant world, this kind of constellation represents the success point of “living in diversity” or the success of the integration process that one migrant needs to have in order to realize a harmonic living condition with local people or community. However, after experiencing more than 5 years working together, we realized there are many layers of misunderstanding and conflicts that come beyond accepting cultural differences such : (white) privilege and structural discrimination” 

The project will consist of an empathy workshop : examining the Intersections of Privilege through Collaborative Autoethnography approach, and further develop artistic strategy to turn workshop results into an object of discourse within a sound/musical piece. The ensemble invites Irvandy Sfafruddin, a audio visual artist who has been collaborating with the ensemble in three previous projects.

Blac Blob

is a Berlin based collective, founded by Emma and Raul Julliard whose two main focuses are the noise-oriented electronic machines building workshops and live improvised noise-experimental jams and concerts. It functions as an informal and non-hierarchical entity where everybody's input is welcome. We are DIY (Do ItYourself) by choice and deliberately operate under the scope of many radars.

The Blac Blob electronic workshops started in 201 4 in Berlin and take place randomly since then. They are a place for everybody to learn and exchange knowledge about electronics, with a focus on noise machines. We are definitely ghetto style and we like to collect old or broken things to recycle components and/or repurpose the unit or use cheap and unusual building approaches. In these workshops we try to cover all the aspects of the fabrication of machines and sound objects, from understanding the schematics to etching one’s own circuit board, not forgetting to happily jam together with our newly built noiseboxes… Blac Blob, a shambolic, noise loving, DIY living collective since 2014!

This project made possible with support and partnership with :
  1. Berlin Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa for supported grau& travel from Berlin to Indonesia
  2. Musik fonds e.V supported stipendium for grau& Saddisonanz project
  3. Grey Gallery, supported venue for the whole residency project
  4. Goethe Institute Bandung for artist talk venue
  5. Rakarsa Foundation as co-organizator