Soydivision (x) Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM :


Studio dB

Uferstraße 8-11, 13357 Berlin

Doors open at 19:00

10€ entry
(included first snack from soydivision and nowhere kitchen), can be purchased on the door (online rsvp will be available in upcoming days)

„Recalibration is a collaboration between Soydivision and studio dB. On this occasion, Soydivision will present “Kembali”, the third piece of the performance trilogy “Nur-Hin” (2020). Based on the imagined homecoming to an environment that is familiar yet foreign, „Kembali“ is a performative exploration of the malleable nature of identity and inevitable conflict that arises with the forced reconciliation of new and old, past and future.

Completing the lineup are two other Berlin-based Southeast Asian art and culinary collectives, Nowhere Kitchen and Unthaitled, who will present original performance pieces that resonate with the theme.“

Rundown tbc

Nowhere Kitchen
s an evolving methodology of ‘cooking with leftovers’ or making something with what is (already) there; being developed by Pepe Dayaw through a series of live cooking performances or manifestos. Each improvisation creates localized architectures that in turn call for precarious technologies and serendipitous folklores that reveal the uniqueness of each context. Through a network of perspectives from anthropology, choreography and other knowledge fields that research the nature of the social, Nowhere Kitchen’s current mission is to synthesize tools and ‘recipes’ for cooking / making without a recipe.

The basic structure of Nowhere Kitchen is an ‘easy and lightweight’ assemblage of found and existing materials where cooking (together) is possible. It’s evolves in-situ. It’s function is to collaborate with a given situation or facilitate the occurrence of associations or what may be referred to as ‘coming together’ by inaugurating an now/here kitchen. The ritual of cooking is considered as a breathing space where it is ‘safe’ to inhabit uncertainties and the ending dish is but a leftover of the process.

A collective of Thai creatives in Berlin, un.thai.tled organizes events to showcase thai talents, both those based in Germany, as well as back in Thailand. Their mission is to ultimately free themselves from easy labels and stereotypes, with it taking the narrative back into their hands, through a series of events that focus on a specific media, such as film and music, with an interdisciplinary approach (design + arts + academics) and intermedial aspects.

Soydivision Berlin is an art collective consisting of Berlin based-Indonesians provoking discussion about the exploration and expression of identity through art and food. The experiences they’ve lived through both as foreigners and as long-time residents in a land that doesn’t necessarily share the same characteristics with the one they hail from forces them to reevaluate their standing in a new society while retaining aspects that have consolidated their pre-formed identity. One of the most significant parts of this particular struggle comes from the different eating habits on one hand and the scarcity of familiar food on the other. Exposure to, and interaction with, different people, mediums, environments and design, lead to experimentation that Soydivision Berlin chooses to tackle from an artistic and culinary perspective. Every output features a collaboration with a guest artist to reflect a process that demands symbiotic interactions, prone to unforeseen interventions and is ultimately, never-ending. Soydivision Berlin aims to explore all possible permutations, mixing, matching, amplifying and reducing in a performative as well as culinary context, ultimately translating their events into an interface for experimentations in the hope that it will help make sense of the environment we live in.