Berlin, 05.05.2020,

Dear fellow humans still trapped in this world of (overload) consumerism,

Today we have a train of thought that we want to share with  you who might be on the same boat with us or is interested  in  helping or making  any input towards these thoughts.

pic by Ariel Orah, taken in Hasenheide Berlin

In the past 5 weeks, the world has turned into a new place. It has brought  a lot of changes for sure, and we want to tell you what kind of changes it brought  us, especially in our so called “production” activities.

Since all our events, gigs, and concerts are canceled or postponed, we decided to change our activities at the end of march. Selling take-away food and developing our culinary “products” has become the new-normal activities for us now. We are so thrilled with the support that we got from Berliners towards these new activities, but we are also aware that there are new concerns that we need to tackle. One of our main concerns at the moment is  WASTE 

Some initial action towards these such as choosing biodegradable packaging materials and suggesting  people to bring their own containers have already been made. But not all packaging that we use  in our activities are  biodegradable so we decided to give  more attention to it, meanwhile  we are also dealing with lots of packaging waste from our raw materials when we are producing our stuff.

To commit to such a complex raw material journey analysis and try to come up with innovative intervention is complicated work. But we want to start and commit from a baby step scale and ask for input from you who might be concerned about  the same topics, or have some knowledge or ideas on how to tackle some of our challenges.

So starting from now, we will breakdown all the  raw materials that we need in our production process and start to count how much waste we generate from them. The data is open for public here. From  those sheets we also plan to start to brainstorm and work on how we can reduce/replace/re-work or seek for any potential partnership with others that might benefit from our waste output.

Up Until this point, we try to implement circular design principles developed by Ellen McArthur Foundation on analyzing our activities and we hope we can slowly identify   some sweet spots and start collaborating with you to tackle these consumerism challenges. So dear fellow neighbours, culinary aficionados, product designers, engineers, and sustainability practitioners out there : Do reach out to us if you think we can co-create something towards this goal ! Let's get in touch via

May everyone stay gold and healthy,