These are filmscreenings that has been organized by soydivision collective


FILM SCREENING OF “JACK & JESSICA” (17.02.2020, during BIBIT BEBET BOBOT Group Exhibition at Sari-Sari e.V) 

photo by Tina Lenhardt

The film is strongly motivated by the saying of “Lombok is the next Bali” and it tackles the issue of mass-tourism and the influence of the internet in the way tourism is produced and consumed. Its filmed in Lombok island in Indonesia and since one of the most foreign tourists come to Bali and Lombok are from Australia, the title JACK & JESSICA is based on the most popular recent Australian names. Though in this film, Jack & Jessica are just the foreign tourist characters that are played out by various children from Lombok, who have direct contact with foreign tourist on a daily basis. In this film, the children were re-enacting the characters not only based on their behavior learning process of the foreign tourists they have met but also based on their imagination of the tourist's "normal" life. 


Jack & Jessica are just met on the new island of paradise. They bumped to each other after they accidentally booked the same hotel that they thought is going to be cheap with a local taste. Both are having a similar need of stepping out of their routine and stressful daily life. They are separately decided to find tranquility and visit the island in the same period, just after the island was hit by a big earthquake a couple of months before. The serendipity and their digital knowledge of the island were then lead them to discover the most beautiful part of the paradise together. Eventually, they founded what they want to do in their life.

The Film Maker

Rizki Resa Utama, also known as OQ, is an Indonesian, Berlin and Bandung-based visual artist. His works deal with the complexity of “Translation” in social-cultural context and question the system of how differences are defined, represented and addressed to our collective consciousness. In 2006, he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science, majoring Journalism, at Padjajaran University, Bandung, Indonesia. In the same year, he co-founded, among others, an artist's initiative space, Buton Kultur 21, in Bandung, Indonesia. He received his Diploma in Fine Art in 2013 and completed his Meisterschüler year at the HBK Braunschweig, Germany, in 2014. He is currently attending the Artistic Research Ph.D. Program at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria.

(, @oq.rizkiresautama)

photo by Tina Lenhardt

photo by Ariel Orah


Filmscreening “Tauchen Lernen” 16.02.2020during BIBIT BEBET BOBOT Group Exhibition at Sari-Sari e.V

Tauchen Lernen

Observing closely the unique ways in which the modern human tries to relax and get in the zone, “Tauchen lernen” follows a young woman, who after a day of hard work seeks out to find a place of meditation and calm. The story unfolds without any specific realistic narrative, yet comes together as the main character continues her journey through three very different scenarios.

The film is told on three panels at the same time – and therefor pays homage to the Cinemiracle film format that was developed in the 1950s but dropped shortly after because of the immense cost of realization.

“Tauchen lernen” is the first realized short film of Tetyana Gryniva, Asarela Dewi and Jana Staltmayer, who as a collective simultaneously all worked together on the different parts of production. All scenes were shot in the surroundings of Berlin and were realized with the help of Andreas Ingerl, digital media and film professor at HTW Berlin, as well as Gisela Matthes, who comes from a long background in film production. The sound design was made in close coworking with Ganna Gryniva and Gregor Otto. Set design by Maria Fechner.

Asarela Orchidia Dewi

(b.1994) is a photographer and videographer who lives in Berlin, Germany. They are currently studying communication design at HTW Berlin. Coming from Indonesia where Asarela always moved from one region to another as a child, they developed ways to observe unfamiliarities they encounter in everyday life through pictures. This experience of always being an outsider is the main inspiration for their works.

Tetyana Gryniva

(b.1994) is a visual artist based in Berlin. Having moved to Germany as a 9-year old she initially made the move to Berlin to study Art History and Theatre before deciding to study Visual Design after a year of living in Rome. She is inspired by New York and dreams of living and working there someday.

Jana Staltmayer

(b.1996) is a communication designer from Berlin. She left her home in the south of Germany at 16 to finish school in Shanghai, an experience that proved formative for her yearning for an open and international environment and eventually led to her decision to study communication design in Berlin. At the moment, she is based in the Netherlands where she is working on audio-visual installations.

Sleep Tight, Maria

Film Screening and Q&A (18.08.2020 during CITA MERDEKA FESTIVAL #01)

photo by Dico Baskoro

A quirky yet insecure girl named MARIA V (17), who’s raised in a catholic family and school, always masturbates before she goes to sleep. One day, her school arranges a church camp, in which requires all of its students to pray and spend the night together in a secluded place.

A few days before the camp, Maria V finds out that she has to share her room with MARIA P (17), the smartest, most beautiful and religious girl in her school. To save her pride, Maria V struggles to fall asleep that night without having to masturbate.

Monica Vanesa Tedja
Born in Jakarta in 1991, Monica Vanesa Tedja loved to film her family vacations ever since she was young. Her curiosity towards filmmaking was developed during the documentary film workshop “Think, Act, Change” held by The Body Shop Indonesia. Known for her works that often look at issues that are tabooed in society, this genre-bending filmmaker has found her freedom in expressing her concerns through filmmaking. One of her latest projects was with Kalyana Shira Foundation and Ford Foundation in Project Change! 2013, which she had participated in and produced a short narrative film, Sleep Tight, Maria, which also won at the Short Film Competition in France Film Festival 2015 in Indonesia. A year later, she moved to Berlin to pursue her master degree in Film Directing at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. She is currently working on her thesis film, Dear to Me.

photo by Dico Baskoro


( 2011)

Tedy Soeriaatmadja

photo by Ariel Orah

Lovely Man is an Indonesian film written and directed by Teddy Soeriaatmadja (Banyu Biru, Ruma Maida). The film had its world premiere at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival to positive reviews on the segment "A Window on Asian Cinema". Donny Damara plays the starring role as Syaiful/Ipuy, a transgender woman in Jakarta. Actress Raihaanun, who is also Soeriaatmadja's wife, plays the female leading role as Cahaya, Syaiful's long-lost 19-year-old daughter who comes to the city to look for him only to find out that her father is a transgender woman. This is their second film together after 2007 remake of drama Badai Pasti Berlalu.

photo by Ariel Orah