Due to the current health concerns, we at Soydivision have postponed all foreseeable future events involving physical presence until further notice. This is an unprecedented event that affects all of us and we would like to encourage you all to keep a cool head, take good care of everyone around you, observe the proper hygiene procedures and only go to public places if you really have to. These are difficult times that we will only overcome by working together and taking care of each other.

On another note, there are no words needed to explain how hard this pandemic is hitting those working in the art and culture pool. But as much as we worry about paying the bills and putting food on our own table, we’ve been trying to embrace the situation and focus on generating positive outcomes in these uncertain times :)

This is one one the effort of sustaining our entity. For Berliners, we are now offering weekly take away Indonesian food that can be pick-up in several spots in the city. Please take a look on each week info below to know what we offer as menu set or a-la carte, and also different pick up points and time that might change each week. If you think this is a great idea for regular basis, you may also want to subscribe to our monthly meals subscription patreon support system so you can benefit from special prices and also other extra experiences.


We hope everyone stay gold and healthy during this unfortunate situation 