Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin

by and with Nindya Nareswari, Ariel William Orah, Bilawa Ade Respati, Jan Knut Thedja, Rizkii Rhesa Utama for Soydivision

Tana Sadji is a performance by Soydivision, a collective of Berlin-based Indonesians. The collective’s processes and activities often take shape in cathartic experiences, re-questioning, or therapeutic healing in the context of performances, workshops, culinary art activities, film screenings, and discussion sessions. The members’ backgrounds range from sound and light artists, visual artists, filmmakers, designers, social researchers, and DJs to musicians. Their diverse and diasporic points of view are used to approach contemporary challenges, inviting dialogue and engagement, through multidisciplinary artistic practices.

Tana Sadji (translating to Land of the Offerings) pivots around the foundational assumptions of a nation and the collective’s speculations towards forming one against the backdrop of an imagined civilization. The collective’s research on agrarian and food traditions in Indonesia, as well as the mythology and rituals that surround it, forms a critique of the underlying assumptions of modern nation-states. Countering the reverberations of nation-building assumptions with different fragmentations of time and languages in mundane rituals of everyday life, the performative intervention in the space of the museum critically reflects on the dangers of replacing one concept with imposing yet another non-negotiable ideality. As such, the intervention becomes a space for experimenting with different forms of co-narration and co-worlding that ideally will never arrive at one static position.