Initiated by Ariel Orah and Michele Lai from Soydivision Kollektiv

Tracing the historical, migratory pathways undertaken by plants that run parallel to that of humans, we propose an ode to ingredients, various substances to be found in most of our food cultures. We introduce a set of participatory - research workshops that explore the spectre of histories and imaginations that the ingredient plant, as one of desire, and of delight. These will be conducted in the vicinity of the neighbourhood.

Our workshops reflect the trajectory of the ingredient as an archive of relations between plant and human communities, but also articulations of the fantastical interactions between them.

Taking place over the course of summer, each TANI workshop invites neighbours: human and non-human collaborators in an exchange of stories, through communal specific ingredient (One ingredient at one time!) making and storytelling activities. The collective exchanges will see us learning, foraging and fermenting together, resulting in a collection of dishes and stories that reflect the diversity of our plant and human counterparts, within the vicinity itself.

Volume #01

In cooperation with Lalove Kitchen Project Space community program “Nachbarnschatz” and Sari-Sari e.V.

Lichtenraderstr 49 12049 Berlin

Start from 11:00 till 14:00

FOCUS INGREDIENT : “Rice, the collective rice wine-fermenting and storytelling”

Limited 10 spots

Suggested donation for workshop materials and donation to the space : 15€

Registration is NOW Open via mail at rsvp@soydivision.berlin (subject: TANI)

Special note : Negative corona test in official Test Centre is mandatory, not older than 24hrs.

PS: This is a DIY and self-organized by soldivision collective, we have not received any funding and/or material support from any institutions.