Soydivision ensemble is a sub-entity of Soydivision collective that focuses on developing experimental theater music. The constellation was formed in 2018 after the collective’s first and longest showcase series “Soy&Synth” was executed.

The idea is to adapt the theater music’s composition process into a live performance, interacting with other art mediums (culinary, cinema, light, wayang, radionovela, etc.). The musical output shows influences of concrete music, electronic music, to European and Javanese classical music. The element of storytelling is important for them to open dialogues on identity and activism.

The ensemble performed at the KW and toured Europe and Indonesia in 2019. They performed their music theater Nur-Hin Trilogy in 2020 as part of the CTM & Transmedialle Festival Vorspiel 2020. The second Nur-Hin Trillogy (2021) will be presented in 48std Neukölln Festival, KAUM Performance&Film Festival, and Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart . The ensemble also been documenting their work into  several mediums such of vinyls to Augmented Reality audiobook, with cooperation with Berlin-based sonic entity L_KW.

NUR-HIN from soydivision on Vimeo.

ACUD Theater Berlin, CTM Transmediale Vorspiel 2020

pic taken from Empathy Supper “Subliminal Scarcity”, in collaboration with Borghildur Indriðadóttir and Motif at KW Institute for Contemporary Art by Olivia Kwok

London Crystal Palace, 2019

Motif & Somos Arthouse Berlin, 2019

CTM Hacklab Radialsystem Berlin, 2020
Ausufern Festival, Uferstudios 2022.

Aryati trailer, Heizhaus am Uferstudios 2022

Selected performances and theater piece :

  • Orba-Orla , Motif Berlin 2018

  • “Grau und Mono” Ausufern Festival Uferstudio  2018

  • “Grau und Mono 2” Mosaique Kulturhaus Lüneburg 2018

  • “Kelesah”, KW Institute of Contemporary Art Berlin 2019

  • “Subliminal Scarcity” 
    in collaboration with Borghildur Indriðadóttir and Motif 
    , KW Institute of Contemporary Art Berlin 2019

  • “Kelamin” - Das Provisorium Zurich 2019

  • “OKNUM - JANJI”, Indonesien Kulturhaus Berlin 2019

  • “Relax, it’s just religion” , Crystal Palace London 2019

  • “Peroni”, Idea Box Vilnius - Lithuania 2019

  • “Kelamin 2” - Mosaique Internationale Musik Festival, Mosaique Kulturhaus Lüneburg 2019

  • AKIN , in collaboration with Miyake Dance Company -Theresa Lekberg, Riako Napitupulu, Samaquias Lorta- Somos Arthouse Berlin 2019

  • Nur-Hin Trilogy 1 “TIBA”, ACUD Theater  Berlin 2020

  • Nur-Hin Trilogy 2 “TINGGAL”, Motif Berlin 2020

  • Nur-Hin Trilogy 3 “KEMBALI”, Studio DB Berlin 2020

  • “OKNUM” - Garuda 2020

  •  Nur-Hin Trilogy 2021 

  • GAUNG - Ballhaus Naunynstraße 2021,2022

  • ARYATI - Uferstudios 2022

  • KIAMAT - Morphine Raum/Indonesian Culture Haus 2022