sōydivision is

a performing art collective consisting of Berlin-based Indonesians, positioning itself in the intersection of art and activism. As a registered UG, Soydivision curated performances, organized workshops, culinary art activities, film screening, and discussion sessions. Their diasporic point of views offer an alternative approach to contemporary challenges through art, inviting a new kind of dialogues and engagement

pic taken from Empathy Supper London by https://www.sophielerouxdocu.com/

Soydivision’s activity started with the goal of provoking a discussion about the exploration and expression of identity through performing art and food. The goal originates from the member’s experience both as a foreigner and a long time resident of a country that does not share the same characteristics with the one they came from. This experience forces them to reevaluate their standing in this new society while retaining aspects of their pre-formed identity.

pic taken from Empathy Supper at KW by Olivia Kwok

From the initial issue of identity, Soydivision enlarged its interest to the issues of social and environmental injustice. Coming from Indonesia and living abroad gives the member a certain perspective of environmental problems in their home country. However, various of these environmental problems are in connection to the demand of the global industries, leading to the exploitation of natural resources and labors in a non sustainable way. The connection and the critiques thereof became another theme that the members explore in their artistic creations.

Their initial contemplation on the expression of identity is now put also in the context of social injustice. To be seen as the other --either abroad or at home-- leads to further exploration of strategies to overcome stigmatized stereotypes and bridging the large gap of justice. The strategies, often in the form of cathartic experience, requestioning, or therapeutic healing, become themes of their artistic output or activities.

pic taken from Empathy Supper at KW by Olivia Kwok



Ariel Orah is a Berlin-based Indonesian artist who explores themes related to identity, memory, and scarcity. He fancies the durability of homo sapiens and the fragility of the machines. He is MA graduate from Steinbeis University Berlin with the major of Sustainability management, also master certified human centered/empathy design from School of Design Thinking Potsdam/Stanford. He is working with a variety of media, ranging from sonic and other multi-sensory performances, physical and interactive installations, and moving and/or still images. He co-founded an empathy driven artist collective L-KW , Bandung-based progressive rock band “Vincent Vega”, and Indonesian art and culinary initiative SOYDIVISION.BERLIN.  Selected works included commissioned installation for Tanz im August Festival Berlin (2016), film-music scoring for “Deeper High”- Germany (2018), CTM Festival Music Maker Hacklab 2020, solo album “Scarcity” (2017) and “WIM” (2018) under alias ravenative.


Music hasn't managed to loosen its grip on Berlin-based selector Jan K since he listened to the likes of Mozart. and the Beatles on his Father’s stereo as a young child. Having gone on phases of listening to classical, rock, pop, punk, jazz, hip-hop and electronic music, he decided some years ago to share with people his own personal musical narrative. While his literary output has slowed down for the moment, he is increasingly sharing his music through mixes and performances, more recently with the Berlin collective l-kw. He is currently working on a music project loosely based on his experience as a doctor.


Gugi Gumilang is a Berlin based social researcher / project manager and has been involved in social, arts and culture management since 2013. He obtained his Master Degree in Global Studies from University of Freiburg, Germany, FLACSO University Buenos Aires, Argentina and Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand. His interest lies in managing art projects with societal impact. After he worked in different countries and organisations such as Transparency International Berlin, UNICEF Nairobi, Goethe Institut Jakarta he decided to come back to Berlin. He is currently part of Indonesian Art Collective, Soy Division.


Bilawa Ade Respati is a member of the Gamelan ensemble Arum Sih (Bremen) and Lindhu Raras (Berlin); performing both the classical Javanese music, as well as modern work composed for the gamelan. He focuses on the Gender instrument, and the reciting the classic Javanese song-poem (Tembang). Some past projects are the shadow puppet performance “Kidung Panji Biyung Bibi” with the group Seni Wayang Jantur and Lindhu Raras (2018), and a program of modern music for Javanese Gamelan “Main Bersama-sama” with the ensemble Arum Sih as part of the International Gamelan Festival München (2018). Since 2018 he started collaborating with a long-time friend Ariel William Orah in an electronic-acoustic duo, presenting their work "Lingkar: SumarahXSenggama" in Berlin. His current conceptual interests are the philosophy of suffering and the revaluation of traditional rites and myths in contemporary everyday life.

Light, material, and human interaction have always been her all-time passion in design. She loves doing experiments to study various light effects on different materials. In her design, she tries to create an emotional experience between the user and the product. She continued her studies for a master degree in Architectural Lighting Design at Hochschule Wismar, Germany and finished her degree in 2014.


Morgan is a Berlin-based American-Indonesian artist who performs as Memeshift, coaxing danceable musical forms from common grooveboxes, old laptops, drum machines, Ableton Live and off-the-shelf synthesizers.  Morgan’s other projects include .obat. which emits resonant drones for attentive listening and messyfingers which complexifies and performs site-specific electroacoustic music inspired by gamelan percussions.Morgan’s musicological interests also include ballads, spirituals and other roots Americana as well as FM synthesis, gamelan and live sound composition for theater and ritual.


Ghaliz Haris is a berlin based indonesian artist currently studying event technology and management at Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin.


Born in Jakarta in 1991, Monica Vanesa Tedja loved to film her family vacations ever since she was young. Her curiosity towards filmmaking was developed during the documentary film workshop “Think, Act, Change” held by The Body Shop Indonesia. Known for her works that often look at issues that are tabooed in society, this genre-bending filmmaker has found her freedom in expressing her concerns through filmmaking. One of her latest projects was with Kalyana Shira Foundation and Ford Foundation in Project Change! 2013, which she had participated in and produced a short narrative film, Sleep Tight, Maria, which also won at the Short Film Competition in France Film Festival 2015 in Indonesia. A year later, she moved to Berlin to pursue her master degree in Film Directing at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. She is currently working on her thesis film, Dear to Me.

Asarela Orchidia Dewi
is a photographer and videographer who lives in Berlin, Germany. They are currently studying communication design at HTW Berlin. Coming from Indonesia where Asarela always moved from one region to another as a child, they developed ways to observe unfamiliarities they encounter in everyday life through pictures. This experience of always being an outsider is the main inspiration for their works.

@cadudasa / Irma FS
is a Berlin-based photographer whose works have been featured at several exhibitions both in her current city and Jakarta, her hometown. Irma’s pictures have been published on international art and fashion news platforms such as VOGUE, Resident Advisor, Freunde von Freunden and Telekom Electronic Beats, in addition to local outlets.
She has self-published two books: "Aksara Bersuara" (2017), a book of Indonesian poetry and b/w photography, and “Where Are You From?” (2018), a portrait and story compilation conveying the experiences of Southeast Asian people in western culture. Irma has been hired to shoot events such as CTM Festival 2020, a 10 day program of innovative pop, electronic and experimental music, and UY zone, a contemporary site-specific dance ritual held at Halle am Berghain in 2019.

Cindy Putri
is a Berlin-based Indonesian illustrator. Cindy Putri has been honing her skills in surrealism illustration for the past several years. Her works are highly inspired by mysticism, self-identity, life & death, dreams and emotional thoughts. Cindy is currently pursuing her studies in communication design while working as a freelancer creating poster, picture books, album/music cover art and product packaging.

Talisa Dwiyani
An Indonesia-born, Helsinki based designer, she is interested in closing the loop in the agriculture industry. Intrigued by the surrounding of her homeland area, her curious to explore the materiality into sustainable and ethical. Also as a 2nd-year master student in Creative Sustainability, Aalto University, she manages her time to be balanced between her passion in art & culture, cooking and yoga.