EMPATHY SUPPER : multi sensory supperclub with performative art and activism theme on each episode

 LEFTOVER KLANGWERK : monthly workshop dedicated to audio upcycling

SOYANDSYTH : monthly performance night dedicated to experimental music

 JENDELA SONORAMA : monthly lecture performance dedicated to sonic activism and decolonizing hearing

LOKARASA : Indonesian sould food and culinary goods

 LOKASUARA : monthly pop up dedicated to the art of vinyl

AKKULTURASA : annual 2 days event during Berlin Culture Carnaval

 KAUM : Indonesian Alternative Film Festival 

BIBITBEBETBOBOT : collective exhibition (2020)

SOYANDZINE : monthly online art zine

L-KW : sister collective focus on sonic activism and empathy in sound art

CITA MERDEKA : annual festival on Indonesian indepence day

LIKA-LIKU_LUKA : healing workshop and performance  dedicated to racism addressed to people with asian background


MATÊNG! : supper club celebrating the richness of archipelago diverse culinary identities

RECALIBRATION : join event from Berlin-based asian collective

RAJAHANAM! : monthly tattoo recidency supporting artist with bipoc and queer background