NUR-HIN : collective experimental theater trilogy piece that shown in ACUD Theater  Berlin during  Vorspiel CTM&Transmediale (2020)

KELA_MIN! : live trans-diciplinary performace between Berlin and Zürich, performed in Das Provisorium Zürich (2019)

EMPATHY SUPPER : multi sensory supperclub series with performative art and activism theme on each episode

 LEFTOVER KLANGWERK : workshop dedicated to audio upcycling

SOYANDSYTH : monthly performance night dedicated to experimental music performance

 JENDELA SONORAMA : lecture performance dedicated to sonic activism and decolonizing hearing

LOKARASA : Indonesian sould food and culinary goods

 LOKASUARA :  pop up dedicated to the art of vinyl

AKKULTURASA : annual 2 days event during Berlin Culture Carnaval

KAUM : Indonesian Alternative Performance and Film  Festival 

BIBITBEBETBOBOT : collective exhibition (2020)

SOYANDZINE : monthly online art zine

L-KW : sister collective focus on sonic activism and empathy in sound art

CITA MERDEKA : annual festival on Indonesian indepence day

LIKA-LIKU_LUKA : healing workshop and performance  dedicated to racism addressed to people with asian background


MATÊNG! : supper club celebrating the richness of archipelago diverse culinary identities

RECALIBRATION : join event from Berlin-based asian collective

RAJAHANAM! : monthly tattoo recidency supporting artist with bipoc and queer background

SOYACINEMA : list of film screening that been orginized by soydivision collective

TANI : series of workshop that reflects the trajectory of the ingredient as an archive of relations between plant and human communities, but also articulations of the fantastical interactions between them.

Wayang-Kardus (in collaboration with Taring Padi Collective) : series of puppets making and co-creating story telling based on local identity. Wayang kardus is Taring Padi’s signature workshop since 1998. Our collaboration is focus on organizing several workshops in Berlin and few cities in Germany that will be exhibited in Documenta #15, 2022