sōydivision is

an art & culture collective consisting of Berlin based Indonesians with the goal of provoking a discussion about the exploration and expression of identity through art and food.

pic taken from Empathy Supper London by https://www.sophielerouxdocu.com/

The experiences they went through both as foreigners and as long time residents in a land that doesn’t necessarily share the same characteristics with the one they hail from forces them to reevaluate their standing in a new society while retaining the aspects that consolidated their pre-formed identity.

pic taken from Empathy Supper at KW by Olivia Kwok

One of the most significant parts of this particular struggle comes from the different eating habits on one hand and the scarcity of familiar food on the other. Exposure to, and interaction with, different people, mediums, environments and design, lead to experimentations that Soydivision Berlin chose to tackle from an artistic and culinary perspective. Every output features a collaboration with a guest artist to reflect a process that demands symbiotic interactions, prone to unforeseen interventions and, ultimately, never-ending. Soydivision Berlin aims to explore all possible permutations, mixing, matching, amplifying, reducing in a performative as well as culinary context, ultimately translating their events into an interface for experimentations in the hope that it will help make sense of the environment we live in.

pic taken from Empathy Supper at KW by Olivia Kwok